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GREAT QUALITY, GREAT PRICES - and five more reasons we're your best choice for NZ cufflinks:
1. We've been in the cufflinks business for more than a decade (here are some testimonials from previous customers)
2. Our online cuff links store is a family business based in New Zealand
3. NZ shipping is free. We ship cuff links internationally, too, and our rates for worldwide shipping are very affordable.
4. We offer no-hassle swaps - if you decide you've chosen (or been given) the wrong style, let us know within thirty days!
5. We make it easy to choose from our great range. 
     Enamelled cufflinks - a huge variety of geometric designs and other patterns 
     Novelty cufflinks - a great selection of cufflinks 'just for fun' 
     Retro cufflinks - funky enamel cufflinks for those who like to stand out
     New Zealand cufflinks - perfect for patriotic Kiwis, ex-pats or visitors to NZ 
You might like to read our articles on choosing a great pair of cufflinks or choosing the right pair of cuff links for a man, or look over some testimonials.
We're always happy to help. If you have any questions or you'd like some advice, just email us on